The Fluency Trust

The Swindon Fluency Packs

The Swindon Fluency Packs were developed by our highly specialist fluency team who have run courses for children and young people who stammer for over twenty years. We realise that group therapy is particularly valuable for young people who stammer.
The Packs were developed to support therapists in setting up and running group therapy courses for children who stammer. However the Packs materials can also be used for individual therapy. The ideas in the Pack come from a variety of resources built up over time, that we have found work well for us. 
The packs can be used by Speech and Language Therapists who have carried out the two day training and should not be passed on to others.
The packs were awarded the Sternberg Award for Clinical Innovation in 2004. Over the past 10 years and following feedback from children and young people who stammer and their families, as well as feedback from Speech and Language Therapists, the Packs have been modified to reflect the views of what works in therapy.

The Packs

There are 3 packs for working with different age groups.

Each of the packs includes
Ideas on the possible aims of the work.
A selection of games and activities that can be used in group work.
A pack of work sheets and handouts to be used in therapy sessions.
Rating scales and questionnaires to measure outcomes.
A summary of workshop ideas for working with parents

Advantages of Group Work

1. It enables sharing of ideas and skills.
2. It encourages co-operative working.
3. It encourages changes beyond each group member’s current perspective.
4. It encourages group members to take responsibility for managing their problem.
5. It provides a supportive and understanding environment.
6. It decreases feelings of isolation.
7. It provides an environment where people can feel freer to try new and potentially more effective ways of thinking and behaving.


Groups take a lot of time to organise and we have been asked to share our group work ideas with other colleagues, hence putting together these packs.  The idea is to help busy therapists to get going with a group.  There are many other ideas and activities that could have been included but we wanted to give enough ideas to get started so that each individual therapist can then develop the group further.  We recommend that two therapists should carry out all group work and that at least one should have specialist training in stammering therapy. We also have volunteers/ assistants who help with


Planning and preparation of group materials.
Observation and note taking during group sessions.
Providing one to one support when this is needed.
Videoing the group. Plus many other vital tasks.


We hope you find the Packs useful and are always looking to develop the work further. We appreciate your feedback.