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This film aims to support, inspire and encourage young people who stammer, as well as educate people about stammering.

‘SPEAK!’ was made by a group of young people who previously attended a Fluency Trust Teens Challenge course. The film was made at Skern Lodge Activity Centre in North Devon where The Fluency Trust courses take place.

Please contact Alex Ford, Speech & Language Therapist, for more information.

Speak 1

Speak 2

Speak 3

Speak 4

Speak 5

Stammurai Animation and App

The Stammurai animation is an animated short made by young people aged 8-16 under the guidance of professional filmmakers. Supported by the lottery through the UK Film Councils First Light Initiative.

The Fluency Trust Partnered with local animation studio Evil Twin Artworks to run 14 days of animation workshops. Giving young people with stammers the opportunity to create their very own animated short.

Ever wondered if you had what it took to be a Samurai whilst struggling with a debilitating stammer? Explore the world of the Stammurai in this iPhone/ iPod touch game made by young people 13-18 who struggle every day with speech fluency issues.

The Stammurai was made thanks to Mediabox, a UK fund that helps young people make media projects. Working as a production team, we delivered workshops with young stammerers teaching them how to create an iPhone game. From initial concept to final delivery the young people created everything, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch please show your support for this project and download this free app today!